POSTURE is the position in which we sit or lie down. It is believed that certain postures like lotus posture are excellent for good meditation.

Yet, many find it difficult to sit in that posture for a very long time: they start getting restless and want to be out of that posture as fast as possible.

Still they keep Insisting that they must be in the same posture just because many people say that this is the right posture for meditation.

I must say here that though it is ideal to have spine straight, it is also a vitally important requirement of meditation. So even if you meditate in normal sitting posture with spine straight with support or in Shavasana where you lie straight on your back, it is perfectly fine.

The posture of a person is supposed to be complementary to the other factors necessary to focus the mind on the thing we are meditating on. At the same time we must know that real meditation can happen only after a person reaches the state of deep relaxation. So, the posture that we take while in meditation must always help us remain in the relaxed state.

All this is certainly necessary in the beginning. Later on, when you get used to be in meditation in any posture whatsoever, then even while travelling in a train that is extremely crowded, where you are barely standing on one leg, holding your bag in one hand and hanging on to some support with the other as you barely get fresh air to breathe you may not be able to stand comfortably, but you can definitely meditate comfortably. Have you ever imagined that even such a horrible situation and posture can be taken to be good enough for meditation, once it starts happening on its own!

Anyway, my personal advice is: it is good to sit in the lotus posture with tip of the tongue touching upper palate as you begin meditation. But see to it that you sit on a bed like this and any time during meditation when you feel uncomfortable being in this posture, just lie down on your back in Shavasana and continue with the meditation as long as you wish to be, and see the effect! 

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