SILENCE is absence of words and sounds that appear internally or externally. While talking about silence, we generally think of silence outside around us. But in meditation, the silence that is more important is the silence within. This is not to be forced. It has to be achieved by giving total freedom to the mind.

The common notion is that we must control the mind and should not allow it to wonder, so that it will be silent.

Some people think that the external silence leads to the internal silence. So, they go to the forests or mountains to meditate. In India, Himalaya is the best known place for meditation.

This is a good idea, but we forget that even if you cut the external noise, at such places, you very much carry the noise from within. It is this noise that does 'not allow meditation to happen.

When we say that meditation happens in silence, the silence that we talk about here is internal and not external. External silence is a bonus!

To achieve the inner silence that is vitally important for meditation, we need to first check all the inner noises and work on them. When the inner noises are strong, we go on talking within and go on suppressing this talk to get the silence. All this leads to a lot of restlessness within.

To get the inner silence, suppression is of no use. The best way to get inner silence is to let the mind go wherever it goes, let it think anything it wants, not to stop the mind starts doing all this, watch the actions of the mind, watch every emotion the mind feels, watch all the anxiety mind feels over any issue, watch the pain mind goes through as it thinks about some issue and so on.

When we are doing this, mind feels free to experience anything it wants. As a result, it is no more restless. There is a point when it stops wandering and stays at rest. This is the time when we get the inner silence. Then meditation happens.

As we meditate, before every meditation session, this work on the mind is advisable. 

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