SURROUNDINGS are the things, objects and natural environments around you. All these things carry some or the other energies and vibrations. They are good or bad, positive or negative, silent or noisy, peaceful or disturbed.

These surroundings have an impact on our mind. So, they are given lot of value in meditation. The silent, pleasant, peaceful and positive surroundings have a power to make the mind still and peaceful, such a mind can get into meditation quite easily.

When we are in the midst of nature, the balance and harmony is automatically created within. All our imbalances are healed and balance is restored.

This happens just by being with the nature. The natural surroundings have this power.

Of course, the nature is not always positive and pleasant. At times it also becomes highly volatile. This happens especially on the onset of a natural calamity. Then the sensitive minds get upset just by being in the nature.

Many times, people get upset for no reason. They experience, some inner fear and yet do not know what is wrong with them.

After some time, the violence of the nature gets evident and they know that it was this that was creating anxiety within them.

It is this effect of nature on us that makes animals behave in a certain way before some natural event or calamity. The rats start running out of their holes before earthquake, the birds fly to a shelter before it starts raining, and fishes vanish from the area of sea that is likely to be struck by sea-storm. All such examples will show you the nature of impact the surroundings have on us if we are sensitive.

For meditation, the good nature plays an important role. It helps us be in the inner silence and puts us in conversation with our inner self after which we can naturally be in meditation. 

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