Releasing Love


Releasing Love

"The heart is asleep, and we are taught only ways of hating. Only when we are throbbing in love are we really alive, fully alive.

"So become aware of it; and the more aware you become, the more and more loving you will feel.

"When you hold the hand of your friend, do it very alertly: see whether your hand is releasing warmth or not. Otherwise you can hold the hand and there is no communication, no transfer of energy. Watch deep inside whether the energy is flowing or not, and help direct the energy. Move the energy there. In the beginning it will be just an exercise in imagination, but energy follows imagination. Imagine that the hand is becoming warmer and welcoming - and you will see a tremendous change happening.

"When you look at someone, look with eyes of love, pour love through your eyes. When you walk, walk throwing love all around. In the beginning it will be just imagination; within a month it will be a reality. And others will start feeling that you have now a warmer personality, that just to come closer to you feels tremendously good. A well- being arises.

"Become more aware of love and release more love." 

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