Relief of General Tensions and Blocks


Relief of General Tensions and Blocks

I am becoming aware of tensions in my body and the limitations they create in me.

"It is good that you are becoming aware. It is just an armor; it is not clinging to you. You are clinging to it, so when you become aware you can simply drop it. The armor is dead. If you don't carry it, it will disappear. So you have to watch where you feel limitations in the body."

Step 1: Exhale Deeply

"Just do three things. One: walking or sitting, or whenever you are not doing anything, exhale deeply. The emphasis should be on exhalation, not on inhalation. So exhale deeply: as much air as you can throw out, throw and exhale by the mouth. But do it slowly so it takes time; the longer it takes the better, because then it goes deeper. When all the air inside the body is thrown out, then the body inhales. Don't you inhale. Exhalation should be slow and deep, inhalation should be fast. This will change the armor near the chest, and that will change your throat too."

Step 2: Run for Your Life

"If you can start a little running that will be helpful. Not many miles, just one mile will do. Just visualize that a load is disappearing from the legs, as if it is falling. Legs carry the armor if your freedom has been restricted too much; if you have been told to do this and not to do that; to be this and not to be that; to go here and not to go there. So start running and, while running, also put more attention on exhalation. Once you regain the sensation of your legs and their fluidity, you will have a tremendous energy flow."

Step 3: Disarmoring

"In the night when you go to sleep, take off your clothes, and while taking them off, just imagine that you are not only taking off your clothes, you are taking off your armor too. Actually do it! Take it off and have a good deep breath - and then go to sleep as if unarmored, with nothing on the body and no restriction." 

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