Unwinding the Mind


Unwinding the Mind

When: When you are ready to sleep.

Step 1:

"Go backwards through the memories of the whole day - backwards. Don't start from the morning, start from where you are, just on the bed the last item, and then go back, step by step - right back to the first experience of morning. Go back and remember continuously that you are not getting involved.

"For example if someone offended you, see yourself being insulted but you remain just an observer. Don't get involved, don't get angry; if you do then you are identified, you have missed the point of meditation.

"The person is not insulting you but the form that was in the incident - but that form has gone now. You are just like a river flowing: The forms are flowing. In childhood you has one form, now you do not have that form - that form has gone. River- like you are continuously changing.

"When you get back to the morning when you were just on your bed, to the first thing in the morning, you will again have the same fresh mind that you had in the morning. And then you can fall asleep like a very small child.

"This is a deep catharsis. And if you can do it daily, you will feel a new health, a new freshness coming to you. And if we can teach children to do it daily, they will never be burdened by their past; they will always be here and now. There won't be any hang-ups; nothing will be hovering over them from the past." 

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