SINCE meditation helps you gain total balance and equilibrium, it has a potential to generate a total well-being within and around. Such a well-being not only includes good health and wealth' but also good relations and goodwill that a person carries around.

The person who meditates regularly has the vibrations that are pleasant, positive and peaceful. With these types of vibrations around the person automatically attracts harmony, goodwill, good health and happiness. These are the things that go to create the well-being.

So, automatically meditation gives rise to the well-being around a seeker and in that a person develops the potential to get everything that he really needs in his life to maintain this well-being.

This harmony has no struggle whatsoever and here the right and the good things happen on their own without any conscious efforts of the seeker. The seeker is only in total surrender to the grace as he is in regular intense meditation while he is carrying out all his daily duties and responsibilities. 

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