Watching the Breath


Watching the Breath

"There is no need to teach all kinds of meditations. Just one method I can choose which can be the simplest, easiest and applicable to all, and just that one method can be spread all over the world. It is what I call witnessing the breath. It is a very simple method."

When: Just in your silent moments when you are sitting, or traveling in a train or in a plane.

Duration: From 1-2 minutes to as long as you want.

Step 1:

Close your eyes and watch your breath. Going in, you go with it; coming out, you come outward.

"As you go in and then come out, you will become aware of two points. As you go in, there is a small fragment of a moment when the breath stops before it starts moving outward. And the same happens after you have exhaled: for a split second the breathing stops, before it again moves in. These two points will become more and more clear, longer. One breath goes in and then there is a pause, breathing outside; again the breathing stops. And these gaps go on becoming bigger and bigger, bigger and bigger.

"There comes a time, which has been calculated for almost ten thousand years, and has been found to be exactly the same by all meditators who have used the method. the pause is of 48 minutes. You have arrived home. Then all that meditation can give to you will be available to you.

"Somebody can be sitting by your side and he will not know what you are doing. It need not be done at a particular time; you can do it any time. You can do it as many times in the day as is possible sometimes just for two minutes. Sometimes you are not feeling sleepy and you are just lying on the bed; don't bother about sleep, just do the method. It will do both jobs; it will give you a deep meditative silence, and just by doing it ... you will only know in the morning when you wake up that somewhere sleep came in.

"But the strange thing is, if you meditate and fall into sleep, you will wake up meditating. That means in a subtle way, in your deep unconscious, the method continued; your whole night became a meditation. Now that is the longest period you can get. And your sleep will be of a different quality - more silent, more relaxed, more rejuvenating.

"For six and eight hours, subliminally the witnessing continues. In the morning when you become aware that you are awake, you will be surprised: you are witnessing your breath." 

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