Writing Down Thoughts


Writing Down Thoughts

"Anybody who has ears can hear, but it is not necessary that he will be able to listen. For listening, something more is necessary than just having ears: a certain kind of silence, a serenity, a peace - the heart standing behind the ears, not the mind.

"It is the mind which make you almost deaf, although you are not deaf - because the mind is constantly chattering, it a chatter box."

Step 1:

"Just sometimes sit in your room, close your doors, and write down whatsoever comes into your mind just to see what goes on in it.

"Don't edit it - because you are not going to show it to anybody, so just write down exactly what comes to your mind.

"You will be surprised: just within ten minutes you will see that you are not sane; your mind is the mind of an insane person. Just somehow you are managing, covering it up, not allowing anybody to know what goes on inside you. and you have become expert, so much so that it is not only that you don't allow others to know what goes on in your mind, you yourself don't see it. And it goes on, yakkety-yak, yakkety-yak. Because of this constant mind, making noise, although you are not deaf, you cannot listen. You can hear.

"Listening needs a silent communication." 

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