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what happened if Blood is Red Enough

  • what happened if Blood is Red... A recent Health Ministry study shows that over a lakh Indian women die each year due to anaemia. Few tips on how to improve your energy levels are described here. In the third world, where female......More

Plugging Diet Deficiencies

  • Plugging Diet Deficiencies Naturopathy emphasizes the role of diet for prevention and cure of a wide range of health problems. To function optimally, the body needs a balanced proportion and quantity of the right types of......More

how to Prevent Stress Naturally

  • how to Prevent Stress... Everyone has problems. Everyone faces failure or losses. The difference is that while some cope well with challenges and tensions, others are overwhelmed. The result: STRESS. Stress can be a......More

Benefits of Healthy Diet Prevents Cancer

  • Benefits of Healthy Diet... It is said that vitamins A, C, E, fibre diet, fruits and vegetables play an important role in keeping the human system free of the dreaded cancer disease. On the contrary, consumption of alcohol......More

Healthy Diet for Healthy Heart

  • Healthy Diet for Healthy... A diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in meat and sugar can not only help lower blood pressure but also can reduce levels of homocysteine, a compound linked with heart disease, researchers......More

Is Raw Food the Secret of Staying Young?

  • Is Raw Food the Secret of... If you really want to eat healthy food, disconnect your oven. The latest trend among the dedicatedly health-conscious people is to eat only raw food because the theory goes that it is the "natural"......More

How Many Calories do We Really Need?

  • How Many Calories do We... How many calories per day does an ordinary person need? In India, the norm is supposed to be 2,400 calories in rural areas and 2,200 in urban areas. The official poverty line is linked to rural and......More

Do You Get More Colds than Your Friends?

  • Do You Get More Colds than... Although the range can vary widely, an average adult suffers about two to four colds a year. Women, especially those between the age of 20 and 30, have more colds than men. One of the reasons for......More

Why is Spice Nice?

  • Why is Spice Nice? 	Spices and herbs are good not only for your taste buds but also for your health. They can supply calcium, iron, vitamin B, carotene, vitamin C and other antioxidants in small amounts. For instance,......More

Why are Anti-oxidants Useful?

  • Why are Anti-oxidants Useful?... Oxidation is when high levels of oxygen react with exposed surfaces. It happens every time you take in a breath of air. This process has by-products called free radicals. These are unstable oxygen......More

Role of Vitamins/Minerals in Our Body

  • Role of Vitamins/Minerals in...  (a) Calcium - Essential for bone/teeth and maintains bone density & strength. Helps regulate heart-beat, muscle contractions, nerve function, and blood clotting. May help prevent......More

Nature's Remedy for Hypertension

  • Nature's Remedy for... Hypertension or high blood pressure can lead to serious health disorders and must not be neglected. Lifestyle changes like weight loss, avoidance of salt, and increased intake of fruits and......More

Ease the Ulcer, Banish the Cough

  • Ease the Ulcer, Banish the... Licorice is widely used as a flavouring agent in confectionery, and as a key ingredient in many medicines. Known as mulethi in India, it has been used in Ayurveda for hundreds of years for its......More

Eat Your Boron

  • Eat Your Boron If you're skimping on your apples, bananas, oranges and other fruits, you could be short-changing your brain. In a study, when 15 people ate combinations of chicken, mashed potatoes, rice, skim......More

Eye-Saver: Not Carrot, But Spinach

  • Eye-Saver: Not Carrot, But... The most common cause of blindness in the elderly people may be prevented by eating right kind of food according to a new study. And despite what your mother told you, spinach, not carrots, appears......More

Low Cancer Risk with Meatless Diet

  • Low Cancer Risk with Meatless... While some meat-eaters still believe that vegetarianism is an unhealthy fad, a major British study has established that vegetarians have a 40 per cent lower risk of dying from cancer, compared to......More

Tossing Tomatoes at Cancer

  • Tossing Tomatoes at Cancer Nutrition nags are always warning us that vitamin pills can't substitute for a healthy diet. But busy people struggling to find time for all those balanced meals might wonder what we get from......More

Fruit Smoothies for Skin

  • Fruit Smoothies for Skin Something that "eats" skin sounds pretty scary, but in fact it may be the gentlest approach to facial exfoliating. Skincare products are now being formulated with enzymes from fruits like papaya......More

Food for Thought

  • Food for Thought Some of you may recall waking up in the mornings before school to a diet of soaked almonds prepared with brahmi leaves, before you partook of your breakfast-it's nourishment for the brain, you......More

A Plate of Protection

  • A Plate of Protection Evidence continues to mount about the role of vitamins and minerals in good health. A new first-time study reported in the journal of the National Cancer Institute suggests that they may be......More

Get that Blood Flowing

  • Get that Blood Flowing If you suffer frequent, unexplained headaches, you could be suffering from diminished blood flow to the brain. Improve the circulation of blood through the brain, and chances are that the headache......More

Nutrition Loss

  • Nutrition Loss Vegetables and fruits like spinach, cabbage, beans, carrots, oranges, musambis, etc. are high in vitamins like A, C and beta- carotene. When you peel, or cut them, you remove their......More

Poisoning from Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

  • Poisoning from Fresh Fruits &... When unpasteurized apple juice sickened more than 50 Americans late in 1996, killing at least one child, it became frighteningly clear that hazards can lie in seemingly benign foods. The culprit in......More

Avoid Constipation

  • Avoid Constipation When was it that you had your last bowel movement? Constipation refers to unduly infrequent or irregular bowel movements, with difficulty, discomfort and sometimes pain. And if you are a chronic......More

Let's Take Vitamin 'C' if this Helps

  • Let's Take Vitamin 'C' if... Remember those studies where colds cleared up faster in sniffers who took vitamin C supplements? Well, hospital patients with bronchitis and pneumonia also recovered faster with a daily C......More

Life-Extending Formulae

  • Life-Extending Formulae The fountain of youth, the age-old dream, may not be out of reach. Chinese medical researchers say that they have found herbal medicines effective in slowing down the inexorable process of ageing.......More

About Agremone Mexicana

  • About Agremone Mexicana Commonly known as prickly poppy, the agremone mexicana plant grows in the wild allover the country specially in the northern States like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. In Hindi, the plant is......More

Vegetable Helps

  • Vegetable Helps No single food removes the risk of cancer, but experts believe that consuming plant-based foods helps, because they are low. in saturated fats (linked to an increased risk of cancer, heart and......More

Eat Them

  • Eat Them  (i) Soyabeans (ii) Garlic (always crush or slice cloves finely to release phytochemicals) (iii) Onions (eat white, yellow and red for a variety of flavonoids) (iv) Tomatoes - even in ketchup......More

Relax with Scents

  • Relax with Scents Forget about the roses. It may be that the aroma of green apples is Mother Nature's most powerful tranquillizer, says Alan R. Hirsch, M.D., neurological directoroftheSmel1 & TasteTreatment......More

Plant Compounds even more Powerful than Vitamins

  • Plant Compounds even more... The most common term for these compounds, as a group, is phytochemicals - which means simply, plant chemicals. A more descriptive name might be phytomins (pronounced FIGHT-a-mins). That suggests......More

Your Anti-cancer Food Pharmacy

  • Your Anti-cancer Food... What's responsible for the anti-cancer effect of fruits and vegetables? That's the question tantalizing scientists around the world, and phytochemicals - compounds in carrots, cabbage and other......More

For Dental Health

  • For Dental Health  (a) A crisp, juicy apple or other raw, crunchy fruits & vegetables. The fibre in them helps scrape away bacteria & plaque. Plus all that chewing action exercises the gums &......More

Vision Vitamins

  • Vision Vitamins Here's one more reason for increasing your carotenoid intake: It may decrease your risk of age-related macular degeneration (ARM D), a cause of blindness after age 50. ARMD sufferers have night......More

Anti-Asthma Dieting

  • Anti-Asthma Dieting Asthma sufferers often struggle to breathe as their respiratory systems frantically fight off invading allergens, but eating the right foods may help. British researchers at the University of......More

Mineral Boost

  • Mineral Boost Did you know that if your body becomes deficient in the minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium, you are more likely to suffer irregularities in your heartbeat? And if you have an excess of......More

Citric Sense

  • Citric Sense Lemons are good for the skin, aid digestion and now neurologists claim that its smell aids concentration. A study found that those who worked in a lemon-scented room, made fewer mistakes. The tangy......More

The Rainbow Diet

  • The Rainbow Diet Red is the colour that heralds the peak of summer with the arrival of luscious vine ripened tomatoes and juicy water melons. The pigment that saturates with colour called Iycopene, is one of the......More

Anti-oxidant: Anti-disease

  • Anti-oxidant: Anti-disease On the surface, we all look healthy. You will see the starting point of some of the scariest diseases known to man - cancer, heart disease, diabetes, cataract and so many others. They all begin at......More

Olive Oil

  • Olive Oil Olive oil may protect against colon cancer. According to recent report by British doctors, addition of olive oil to the list of foods may help prevent colon cancer. A new study by researchers at......More

Tea and Health

  • Tea and Health Tea is a widely used drink after water. Up to six cups daily is the best medicine. It is an agricultural produce, grown in warm humid climate with the rainfall precipitation level of 115-800 cc.......More

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