what causes Environmental Illness

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what causes Environmental Illness

is another name for “universal” allergies. When more than a

few flukes are present in the liver, they keep the liver from doing

its major job: detoxifying all the food and chemicals that are

taken into your body.

Different parts of the liver have different detoxifying jobs.

One part detoxifies plastics and solvents, another part detoxifies

perfumes and another newsprint ink, and so on. Foods have

natural chemicals that need detoxification. By changing our food

constantly we avoid overburdening any one of our detoxifying

mechanisms. This is probably the basis for wanting different food at each meal and different meals each day. We somehow

“know” when we're ready for the same food again.

Less extreme forms of allergy can be due to other flukes in

the liver, such as human liver fluke (Clonorchis), or just plain

clogging with numerous cholesterol crystals.

Anything that is lodged in the bile ducts obstructs the flow of

bile. This causes back pressure in that part of the liver so it

produces less bile.

The bile duct system is a gigantic tree with lots of interconnecting

branches. Remember how “stringy” liver can be when

you buy it in the grocery store. These strings are bile ducts. When

one is obstructed, others take over its job. But when a whole

section of the liver gets obstructed and it can't detoxify a whole

set of chemicals you dare not get those chemicals into you again.

What if you do? These chemicals go coursing all over your

body! They are taken up by various organs. The brain has special

protection, called the blood brain barrier. But this can get

broken by parasites that burrow. Now chemicals can roam

through the brain. Some attach themselves and cause an “allergic

reaction”. Beryllium, from “coal oil,” kerosene and gasoline

attaches itself to the brain easily. Then other things attach

themselves to the beryllium!

The extreme form of allergies simply requires killing the

sheep liver fluke and other flukes inhabiting the liver. They tend

to overflow the liver and inhabit the intestine, too. In this case,

you might actually see some in the bowel movement after killing

them. They won't let go of you as long as they are alive.

They have two attachments to hold onto you, yet, they are not

difficult to kill, even with herbs. Use the herbal parasite recipe

,zapper, or a frequency generator.

Sheep liver flukes might actually be breeding, that is, multiplying

in the liver of the hyperallergic person. This is not normal.

Sheep liver flukes “should” only spend their adulthood in

our bodies. When the baby stages are also found in our bodies,

(instead of in minnows or snails) there is undoubtedly a specific

solvent involved. Environmentally ill persons have quite a few

solvents accumulated in their organ tissues. Which one enables

the sheep liver fluke to go through all of its development in the

human is not known yet.

Obviously, the extremely allergic person, should remove all

solvents from their diet and environment. Begin with eliminating

propyl alcohol and benzene. The same products have other

solvents too. It is processing of foods that puts solvents into

them. Go completely natural. Dairy products are free of solvents,

except for some cheeses. Remember to boil them to get rid of

bacteria. Salt, olive oil, butter, and honey are free of solvents.

With electronic technology, you can find solvent free products.

Otherwise, if it didn't grow or you didn't make it from scratch,

you must assume it has solvents! Cook from scratch, make your

own pasta, bread, fruit juices, beverages.

Often, but not always, persons with sheep liver fluke, have a

specific allergy to lanolin, a sheep product. Since lanolin is

widely used in other products, this becomes a very broad range

allergy. Such persons “can get no fat” at mealtimes or wear no

wool without a considerable reaction. The allergy to lanolin

does not disappear the day the flukes are all dead. But cleaning

the liver with several liver cleanses (page 552) after killing

parasites will start the recovery process.

Which comes first, the flukes or the solvents? That can't be

answered. But what happens next is easily seen. The more flukes,

the less able the liver is to detoxify solvents. The more solvents

the better able the fluke is to multiply. A vicious cycle is set up

that accelerates the illness.

Perhaps neither of these came first. Perhaps something else

poisoned the liver so both solvents and flukes are given a home

in your liver! Such a powerful liver poison would be a food

mold: aflatoxin, cytochalasin B, sterigmatocystin, zearalenone,

ochratoxin, sorghum mold, griseofulvin, citrinin, T-2 toxin, Kojic

acid, ergot and others. Avoid food molds—see Mold Free

Diet, page 365. The diet must be quite limited at first, to allow

the liver time to “regain” its detoxifying capability.

Of course, it is assumed that environmentally ill persons have

had their dental metal replaced by metal free composite. This

includes gold. Gold accumulates in the pancreas, another organ

of digestion. This may mean choosing partial dentures. Read the

section on healing the jaw and Bone Strengthening (page 87) to

ensure this move brings you success.

The liver is a versatile organ. It can regenerate itself but it

won't if food molds block regeneration. Given half a chance it

will become like new. After killing parasites do the liver cleanse. If it has been a month or more since you killed parasites,

then go on a high dose parasite herb treatment the week

before, or zap. Don't use the herbs the day of the cleanse. With

one major allergy gone after each cleanse and by timing liver

cleanses two weeks apart, it takes only six months to have a reasonably

normal life again. You can endure indoor air again, sit

on plastic chairs, read newspapers, wear cotton clothing and

leather shoes without reacting. You must still be patient and

careful as you take back the world for you to live in.

Delores Flores, 53, was brought by her husband to the driveway in

front of the office. There she put on her mask and advanced to the

outdoor bench. She did not dare to come in. Without doing any

testing her condition was obvious. She must start killing liver

parasites. But it seemed too simple to be believable. And she knew

she’d be allergic to the parasite killing herbs (this was before the

zapper). She decided to do nothing.

Patricia Humphry arrived wearing an industrial painters’ mask. It

smelled rubbery. Her winter boots smelled moldy. And a faint scent

of mothballs came from somewhere. Even her car had an engine

problem, spewing exhaust fumes into the driveway. I suggested

she begin with some basic reading material on allergies. She did

not return either.

Arlene Kelly, 50ish, could eat no fat—not the tiniest snippet. But at

Thanksgiving she allowed herself a little gravy. The consequences

were swollen eyelids, swollen face, swollen throat: quite a

dangerous situation. After killing Ascaris and the flukes, and

cleansing the liver (all in time for Christmas) she dared a little pie—

and got along quite well!

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