Borax Liquid Soap

Borax Liquid Soap

Empty 1 gallon jug

1/8 cup borax powder

Plastic funnel

Funnel the borax into the jug, fill with cold tap water. Shake

a few times. Let settle. In a few minutes you can pour off the

clear part into dispenser bottles. This is the soap!

Easier way: use any bottle, pour borax powder to a depth of

a Ĺ inch or so. Add water. Shake. When you have used it down to

the undissolved granules, add more water and shake again. Add

more borax when the undissolved granules get low.

Keep a dispenser by the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and

shower. It does not contain aluminum as regular detergents and

soaps do, and which probably contribute to Alzheimer's disease.

It does not contain PCBs as many commercial and health food

varieties do. It does not contain cobalt (the blue or green granules)

which causes heart disease and draws cancer parasites to

the skin. Commercial detergents and non-soaps are simply not

safe. Switch to homemade bar soap and borax for all your tasks!

Borax inhibits the bacterial enzyme urease and is therefore antibacterial.

It may even clear your skin of blemishes and stop

your scalp from itching.

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