Brushing Teeth

Brushing Teeth

Buy a new toothbrush. Your old one is soaked with toxins

from your old toothpaste. Use only water or chemically pure

baking soda if you have any metal fillings. Put a pinch in a glass,

add water to dissolve it. Use food-grade hydrogen peroxide (see

Sources) if you have only plastic fillings. Dilute it from 35% to

17½% by adding water (equal parts). Store hydrogen peroxide

only in polyethylene or the original plastic bottle. Use 4 or 5

drops on your toothbrush. It should fizz nicely as oxygen is

produced in your mouth. Your teeth will whiten noticeably in 6

months. Before brushing teeth, floss with 4 or 2 pound mon

ofilament fish line. Double it and twist for extra strength. Rinse

before use. Floss and brush only once a day. If this leaves you

uncomfortable, brush the extra times with plain water and a

second “water-only” toothbrush. Make sure that nothing solid,

like powder, is on your toothbrush; it will scour the enamel and

give you sensitive teeth, especially as you get older and the

enamel softens. Salt is corrosive—don't use it for brushing metal

teeth. Plain water is just as good.

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