In The Sink

In The Sink

Use a dishpan in the sink. Use ľ cup borax and add a minimum

of water. Also keep a bit of dry borax in a saucer by the

sink for scouring. Don't use any soap at all for dishes that aren't

greasy and can be washed under the faucet with nothing but

running water. Throw away your old sponge or brush or cloth

because it may be PCB contaminated. Start each day by sterilizing

your sponge (it harbors Salmonella) or with a new one

while the used one dries for three full days. Clean greasy pots

and pans with a paper towel first. Then use homemade bar soap.

Make a bottle of borax liquid to fill your soap dispensers and shampoo bottle. Use citric acid to rinse and condition.

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