Other Skin Healers

Other Skin Healers

Vitamin C powder (ascorbic acid, not the same as citric

acid). Put a large pinch into the palm of your hand. With your

other hand pick up a few drops of water from the faucet. Rub

hands together until all the powder is dissolved and dispensed. It

may sting briefly. Do this at bedtime, especially for cracked,

chapped hands. Include lips if they need it.

Vitamin E oil. Vitamin E oil from Now Foods was not

polluted at the time of this writing, but for the future it would be

safer to rely on capsules. Snip open a capsule and rub into skin.

50% Glycerin. Dilute 100% vegetable glycerin with an

equal amount of water. This is useful as an after shave lotion.

Vitamin C liquid. Mix ľ tsp. vitamin C powder in one pint

water (crushed tablets will do). This is useful as an after shave

lotion and general skin treatment.

Apricot Kernel Oil. This is a very light oil, useful as an after

shave lotion and general skin treatment.

Cornstarch (see Sources). Use on rashes, fungus, moist or

irritated areas and to prevent chafe.

Combining several of these makes them more effective.

Dry skin has several causes: too much water contact, too

much soap contact (switch to borax), low body temperature, not

enough fat in the diet, or parasites.

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