Skin Healer Moisturizer Lotion

Skin Healer Moisturizer Lotion

1 tsp. sodium alginate

1 cup water

Make the base first by heating these together in a covered,

non-metal pan until completely dissolved. Use low heat–it will

take over an hour. Use a wooden spoon handle to stir. Set aside.

Then make the following mixture:

¼ tsp. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) (You may crush tablets)

¼ tsp. lysine (crush tablets)

2 tbs. pure vegetable glycerin

2 vitamin E capsules (400 units or more, each)

1 tsp. apricot kernel oil (olive oil will do)

1 tbs. lemon juice from a lemon or ¼ tsp. citric acid (this is optional)

1 cup water

Heat the water to steaming in a non-metal pan. Add vitamin C

and lysine first and then everything else. Pour into a pint jar and

shake to mix. Then add the sodium alginate base to the desired

thickness (about equal amounts) and shake. Pour some into a

small bottle to use as lip soother. Pour some into a larger bottle

to dispense on skin. Store remainder in refrigerator. (See

Sources for sodium alginate, vegetable glycerin and apricot kernel

oil. Sodium alginate is also available in capsule form at some

health food stores.)

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