Steamed Idlis


Steamed Idlis

Steamed Idlis

Steamed Rice and Lentil Cakes


3 cups raw rice

1 cup parboiled rice

1 ¼ cups split white lentils

Salt to taste

Oil to grease the mould

To Serve

Sambhar, molgaipudi and coconut chutney


1. Soak both kinds of rice in boiling water for six hours. Soak lentils separately for sixhours. Grind rice coarsely and lentils finely.

2. Mix both together, add salt and set aside for fermentation overnight. Ne1/2t morning miXthe batter thoroughly. Smear the idli moulds with little oil and pour one-fourth cup of batter in each mould.

2. Steam idlis in a steamer for seven to ten minutes. Serve hot with sambhar, chutney or molgaipudi.

Makes 16 idlis



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