Guru Vani From Sri Guru Granth Sahib


Guru Vani From Sri Guru Granth Sahib

Guru Vani From Sri Guru Granth Sahib

1. The Infinite, transcendental Lord, the Supreme God is the one whom Nanak has known as his Master. Sorath,559

2. There is but one True Lord in the whole world, there is no other.

Dhansari, 660

3. God is the only Spouse, all other beings are His brides.

Ramkali, 993

4. My master is one, one alone, one-in-one.

Asa, 350

5. I am a slave of the Supreme Lord and my name is 'Lucky'. I was sold at the Master's shop at His bidding and now I go the way He bids. Maru, 992

6. God does everything and causes others to do whatever He wills. Nanak, the poet of the Lord, says that he also knows everything.

Asa, 434

7. The immaculate name of God alone is my sole base.

Asa, 412

8. Your fear, 0 God, is my hemp and my mind is the pouch which holds it; and I have thus become intoxicated with your love.

Tilang, 721

9. I spoke only when you, 0 God, inspired me to speak.

Wadhans, 566

10. I am the Lord's bard of low-caste.

Asa 468

11. There is a dearth of truth, falsehood prevaileth; the blackness of this age maketh men demons.

Dhansari 668

12. As the world comes to me, so I make it known, O Lalo.

Tilang, 722

13. By repeating God's name, I live; by forgetting it, I die.

Asa, 9

14. The fire of anger is fatal.

Sri, 15

15. Any food, any dress, any mode of living is good provided that it promotes health of mind and body.

"Jit khade, jit paidhe, tan piriye man mahi chale vikar."

Sri Rag I

16. Our good and bad deeds shall be judged in the presence of the Supreme Judge.

Jap, 8

17. He indeed is mad who holds the master dear and considers himself unworthy and the rest of the world good.

Maru, 991

18. Thousands may endear you, thousands of lives you may live and enjoy in abundance the pleasures of life, separation from which seems poisonous while alive, yet when the parting comes, all these vanish in an instant.

Sarang, 1243

19. Practising austerities to subdue desires only wears off the body. The mind is not subdued through fasting, penances and self-torture. Nothing equals God's name. It helps in obtaining the desired state.

Ramkali, 905

20. God alone knows how great He is.

Jap, 5

21. Forgiveness for one who imbibes its spirit is as virtuous as fasting, good conduct and contentment. One who can forgive is neither afflicted by any ailment nor tortured by the regent of death.

Gauri, 223

22. When one passes out of life, all false ties are snapped.

Sri, 16

23. The blasphemer burns in his fire of hell.


24. Wearing such clothes that cause pain and inconvenience to the body and breed evil in the mind is baneful, brother.

Sri, 16

25. There is but one God only. His name is Eternal Truth. He is the creator of the universe and the maker of everyone and everything. He is devoid of fear and enmity. He is immortal, unborn and self-existent: and is made known to men by the grace of the Guru, the Enlightener.

Invocation, 1

26. Millions have perished for want of compassion and forbearance.

Ramkali, 937

27. God alone kills the beings in His will and restores life to them if He so wishes. None else can sustain and protect them.

Majh, 150

28. Lack of compassion is like butchery.                

Sri, 91

29. My breath, flesh and soul.- all are yours, O Lord. To me you are extremely dear, 0 you the true provider of all, so says Nanak, the poet.

Dhansari, 660

30. I am a peddler of my all-pervading Lord and deal only in the merchandise of His Name.

Gauri, 158

31. With my hands as the begging-bowl, I crave nothing but your vision which I beg day after day at your door. Bless me Lord with your gracious sight. I call as a beggar at your gate.

Tilang, 721

32. God is just and does justice according to our deeds.

Sarang 1238

33. The angry one barks, abuses and suffers humiliation in return.

Malar , 1288

34. God was true in the beginning. He was true throughout the ages. He is true even now and true forever He shall be.

Jap, 14

35. Calumny of others amounts to the impurity of ears.

Asa, 472

36. The craving of the fool is never satiated.

malar, 1287

37. One's pain is one's own.

Bilawa 4795

38. While counting and fixing an auspicious day, we forget that God is above and beyond such considerations.

Ramkali, 904

39. All deeds and ceremonies performed in ego are nothing but entanglements.

Asa, 416

40. O, the inner-knower of all hearts, all living beings belong to you.

Maru, 1038

41. God Himself is the relisher, Himself the relish, Himself the enjoyer and Himself the enjoyment. He Himself is the bride and Himself the spouse. He is my master who is deeply in love and pervades all.

Sri, 23

42. Compassion is not awakened by beholding a supplicant's face. In the present age, none moves for another without the understanding of give and take.

Asa, 350

43. I was a bard out of work. God blessed me with His service and commanded me to sing His praises night and day. He summoned me to His Eternal Abode, bestowed upon me the Robe of the Praise of His true Name and fed me with the Nectar-Name of the Great Truth.

Majh, 150

44. After robbing a house if a thief offers the loot in worship to propitiate his ancestors, it will be recognised in the world beyond and thus impeach the departed souls as thieves. Justice bids the chopping off of the middleman's hands too, for we get hereafter what we give here out of our honest earnings.

Asa, 472

45. God Himself is the Primal Truth, beauty and eternal bliss.

Jap, 4

46. An angry disposition is ruinous.

Sri, 91

47. All that we see is bound to come and go.

Maru, 1021

48. We are men of but one breath, and do not even know the span of our life and the time of our death.

Dhansari, 660

49. Avarice is a dog, falsehood the scavenger, and cheating is the eating of carrion.

Sri, 15

50. The generous give but a little in charity, but demand a thousand-fold return, with worldly honour to boot.

Asa, 466

51. Hunger befriends the taste and lust befriends beauty in the same way and to similar extent.

Malar, 1208

52. The ego degrades man from the human height and order.

Asa, 459

53. They who live with the Name of God are beyond the reach of death.

Jap, 2

54. Some call me a goblin, some a spirit. Some call me a mere forsaken man. But I, mad Nanak, have lost my reason in pursuit of the king, and I know none else but God.

Maru, 991

55. He who creates all, sustains them too. The creator who has made this world, fosters it too.

Asa, 467

56. God pervades everywhere and drives all under His will.

Maru, 1042

57. Fear and love of God must co-exist in an earnest heart.

Asa di Var, 5.2

58. The true ablution consists in constant adoration of God.

Asa, 358

59. No bath can purify a body defiled by falsehood. Ablution is accepted only if one practices truth.

Wadhans, 566

60. Birth and death are God's will and through His will men come and go.

Asa, 472

61. Some seek heaven, others Paradise, but Nanak says that he who realises the Will and the Lord, knows the Mystery of the one, all powerful God.

Ramkali, 5

62. O Creator, You belong to all, You are for all alike.

Asa, 360

63. Accursed is the life which is lived only to fill one's belly.

Suhi, 790

64. Avarice is the impurity of mind and falsehood the impurity of tongue.

Asa, 472

65. Men come and go as God wishes and ordains.

Jap, 4

66. Just shed off your ego and merge in God.

Suhi, 750

67. Wherever we sit or go we must behave and speak well.

Wadhans, 566

68. The glories of the great God can't be described. He is the Creator, the Supreme Almighty and the Beneficent One who provides sustenance to all living beings.

Asa, 475

69. However a saintly garb a man may wear, he can't conceal his inward impurity.


70. There is but one benefactor of all creatures.

Jap, 2

71. Everyone is answerable to God. No one is saved but for his good deeds.

Ramkali, 952

72. The men of God have neither envy nor enmity.

Ramkali, 942

73. He changes many garbs and wanders to many places but there is deceit in his heart. He can't reach the palace of God. After death he will become a heath full of filth.


74. For shelter, safety and sustenance there is none but the One Lord to go to.

Asa, 475

75. God is attained by loving and adoring the True Guru.


76. You have neither worshipped God, nor fed the hungry, nor controlled lust, anger, greed and backbiting, O brother; what have you gained from reading Puranas- All your efforts have gone in vain.


77. How can You be angry with Your own children, O Lord, for You belong to them and they belong to You.

Sri, 25

78. Whosoever tastes poison will die irrespective of his caste. Caste has no power. It is the righteousness that is tested.


79. When we see the same God within all, then whom can we call bad, and whom good. The Master has revealed the truth that all are alike.

Asa, 353

80. Shape, beauty, possessions, caste and dominions are all deceivers. They have desired the whole world, and the honour of no one is safe from them. But they are also overcome by one who takes shelter in the True Master.

Malar, 1288

81. None could have culture save through the word.

Malar, 1285

82. God's will runs over all and all merge in His will.

Basant, 1188

83. Men come and go in accordance with God's will.

Gauri, 151

84. He whose heart is corrupt and yet calls himself a saint is a hypocrite who can never realise God.


85. Hereafter, man's words and deeds are scrutinized and he is brought to book for them.

Asa, 404

86. Charity should be dispensed with wisdom.

Sarang, 1245

87. From one flesh (cell) grows another flesh (cell). All our relationships are with the things of flesh (cell).

Malar, 1289

88. We are finally delivered if God Himself delivers us, for He alone can punish or forgive us.

Sri, 62

89. He whose heart is polluted yet he shows himself to be pure has lost the game of life.


90. All living beings belong to Him.

Asa, 354

91. Nanak says that those who are pure from inside live with the Guru forever.


92. All are yoked to God's will and will be judged according to their deeds.

Basant, 1169

93. A man's conduct can be true only if he cherishes the True One within his heart.

BiIawal, 831

94. They who know God here recognize Him hereafter too. The rest, Hindu or Muslim, is all a vain boast.

Ramkali, 952

95. All food is pure for God Himself has blessed us with it as sustenance.

Asa, 472

96. God is attained by His grace. All other ways that are boasted about are vain and false.

Jap, 7

97. He is towards the Guru (Guru Mukh) who is imbued with the Holy Name.

Prabhati, 1330

98. He, who calls himself a saint but his mind is full of deceit and desire, meets the end in shame.


99. True is God, true is His court. We are judged there by our deeds.

Jap, 7

100. Know people by the light illuminating them and do not ask their caste as hereafter none is differentiated by one's caste.

Asa, 349

101. We are conceived of flesh, born of flesh and are the vessels of flesh.

Malar, 1290

102. God was true in the beginning. He was true throughout the ages. He is true even now and He shall ever be true.

Jap, 1

103. Those who are lost in greed and passion cannot cheat the Master. They may make show of their piety but are intoxicated with the worldly wine of Maya. They have to pass through many births and suffer according to their actions.


104. He who gets God's grace attains Him, is freed from hope and greed, lust and fear, and burns down his ego with the help of the word.·

Asa, 468

105. The pride of caste and the glory of name is nonsense, as each of us shelters under one and the same God.

Sri, 89

106. Man should remain detached realizing that everything belongs to God. He should dedicate his body and mind to Him to whom they actually belong.

Bilawal, 832

107. Creation is the union of matter and spirit. In this creation I see the Creator pervading everywhere.

Sri, 21

108. Corn is heavenly, so are water, fire and salt. With the addition of clarified butter as the fifth, food becomes purer, holier and healthier.

Asa, 473

109. He who submits to His will is accepted and elevated by Him. .

Asa, 421

110. God, the Guru, is attained by loving adoration.

Maru, 1042

111. If your heart is crooked what is the use of going on a pilgrimage to Kaaba or saying the Namaz.


112. Thieves, adulterers, prostitutes and pimps keep company together, just like the irreligious who eat and drink out of the same bowl. The Satan resides in them. They don't know the worth of God's praise.

Suhi, 790

113. Truth is higher than anything else but truthful living is higher still.

Sri, 62

114. You are perfect, while we are imperfect. You are profound, while we are shallow, O God.

Sorath, 597

115. Only the Lord is true and His name is true.

Jap, 2

116. Call everyone high, none seems to be low, for God, the only Potter, has fashioned all alike, and His light alone pervades all creation.

Sri, 62

117. Man should live and do as God wills.

Sir, 25

118. Whatever happens, happens according to His will.

Gauri, 151

119. Falsehood and deceit can't remain concealed for long. It comes out and the false appearance vanishes.


120. The leader or the teacher is himself deluded and misleads others, who indulge in falsehood and usurps what is not his, and yet goes to preach to others.

Majh, 140

121. The Creator abides in the universe and keeps all creation in His eyes and feels delighted to see it.

Asa, 463

122. The food that causes pain to body and breeds evil in mind is baneful.

Sri, 16

123. The holy congregation is the meeting of good men in which only the Name of the One is sung and recited.

Sri, 72

124. O True God! The True King! Your plan and play are true.

Sri, 25

125. The truth is clear that God lives amongst all His people and is not to be found in stones.


126. Beauty does not satiate one's craving for it. The more one sees it, the more one desires.

Malar, 1288

127. Live detached amidst attachments like the lotus in water.

Malar, 1281

128. Men get what they are destined for.

Jap, 6

129. The bond between Man and God is established only through His praise.

Majh, 143

130. Make your transient life your shop and the True Divine Name your only merchandise. Make alertness and purity your warehouse. Treasure the Name of God in it. Deal only with the Lord's dealers. You will get a fair profit and remain happy.

Sorath, 595

131. The Guru is the ladder, the boat, the raft in getting access to God's Name.

Sri, 17

132. He takes a bath and worships a stone; without the love of God he is full of dirt.


133. I eat whatever You give me, there is no door other than Yours to go.

Sri, 25

134. The will of one God alone pervades all the worlds, as all creation is born out of Him.

Gauri, 223

135. By nature, fools always talk something meaningless.

Majh, 143

136. You are the Master of Nature, its Creator Lord, your nature works everywhere.

Asa, 464

137. O brother! Domestic affairs are a whirlpool.

Maru. 990

138. If you do not think evil of others, my friend, no one will think evil of you.

Asa, 134

139. No one can equal Him.  

Sorath, 597

140. Strike him on the face to mend a fool.

Majh 143

141. Brothers, do not think evil of others then no evil will come to you.


142. For the man of God, the Nada and Veda are reflection on the Word. His absolution and code of conduct are also based on it.

Ramkali. 932

143. God Himself is true and it is only truth that He likes.

Sri, 25

144. Those who are conscious of God are blessed with the name, compassion and purity. They are naturally attuned to God.

Ramkali, 942

145. The man of God speaks the truth and is never false. He follows the Guru's word and lives according to God's will.

Gauri; 227

146. The right way to live is to earn through toil and to share the earnings with others.

Sarang, 1255

147. The body is the palace, the temple, the house of God; in it He has put His infinite light.

Malar, 1256

148. An ignorant mind leads to ignorant action. Unless one follows the path shown by the Guru, be can't get rid of his ignorance.

Basant, 1190

149. God created Nature and He pervades it.

Sri, 84

150. The idol neither feeds the hungry nor rescues the dying.

sarang, 124

151. God can neither be shaped nor installed like an idol.


152. O you, who live in Nature! I am a sacrifice unto You.


153. Those who are full of jealousy for others shall never get peace.


154. The Hindus are going the wrong way. They are drifting away from the Primal Lord. They worship stone idols. The ignorant fools don't realise that the stones themselves will sink in the sea of existence. It cannot ferry others across.

Bihag, 556

155. I have found the whole world enveloped by mammon.

Asa, 354

156. We should eat little, sleep little, but reflect a lot on the reality of life.

Ramkali, 939

157. Metal melts into metal, love runs unto love.

Tilang, 725

158. Turn your intelligence into fine paper. Make love your mighty pen and mind your conscious writer, then write the instructions given by the Guru.

Sri, 16

159. The sensuous man suffers from mental and physical diseases and undergoes great pain.


160. He Himself created Himself, assumed the Name. A second after Himself He created Nature, wherein He lives, pervades all and beholds all with delight.

Asa, 463

161. He who loves to see God does not care for salvation and paradise.

Asa, 360

162. The result of excessive indulgence is pain and misery.

Basant, 1189

163. Make compassion to be your mosque and faith your prayer- mat and honest living your Qur' an. Make modesty your circumcision and piety to be your fast. Only then you can be a true Muslim.

Majh, 140

164. Man claims to own everything but does not own the all pervading God who has created everything.

Prabhati, 1343

165. He who subdues his mind, subdues the world.

Jap, 6

166. Engrossed in lust, greed and pride, first man forgets God and then repents.


167. Whoever comes to know God, becomes like Him.

RamkaIi, 931

168. They who have silk within and rags outside are the really good ones of the world.

Asa, 473

169. Good are they who are adjudged good at God's Gate. Evil doers will sit outside and cry.

Sri, 15

170. Nothing can escape the attention of God who notices even a tiny insect that goes about picking grain, then how can he escape from His vision who indulges in everything that pleases him and assumes to be himself great.

Asa, 360

171. Like life, mind is born of the five elements.

Asa, 415

172. Water quenches one's thirst but it can't clean up one's dirty mind.

Sarang, 1240

173. Those who are false within and honourable in the eyes of others, who present a false face before the world, will never be able to wash their dirt away even if they bathe in sixty- eight holy rivers.

Asa, 473

174. They were honoured by God who kept death before their eyes and relied and equipped themselves with the Name of the Lord.


175. High and low come to be by His will.

Jap, 1

176. The impurity from touch is not impurity, but superstition.

Asa, 472

177. Desires direct a person and make his mind accordingly.

Prabhati, 1342

178. He alone is a Muslim who scrubs himself clean.

Dhansari, 662

179. He who recites and practises the Name of God is educated, learned and wise.

Malar, 1288

180. That alone is good who pleases God.

Jap, 4

181. Man becomes good in good company, pursues virtues and cleans himself of his vices.

Asa, 414

182. He who forgets God and indulges in sensuous pleasures suffers from all sorts of internal and external pain.

Malar, 1256

183. God's benediction amply descends there where the lowly are fostered with care.

Sri, 15

184. If God so wills He can keep man alive without breath.

Gauri, 5

185. By keeping our mind at peace in its own place, we come to know the mystery of both the visible and invisible world and phenomena.

Sri, 57

186. Only a few know and realise that mammon has lured the world and taken it over.

Sorath, 595

187. The world is led astray by paltry mammon.

Ramkali, 932

188. One loses the fear of birth and death in the love of God.


189. The company of those who cherish the True Lord within turns mortals into holy beings.

Gauri, 228

190. Do not call anyone bad and do not pick up a quarrel.

Wadhans, 566

191. An evil mind and indecision lead men to blind acts who grope about in the darkness waywardly.

Basant, 1190

192. Nanak seeks the company of the lowliest of the lowly, the lowest of the low born, for he knows that the emulation of the high born is in vain.

Sri, 15

193. One finds the mind of others as his own mind is.

Prabhati, 1342

194. Rituals and ceremonies are the chains of life.

Sorath, 635

195. As the rays of the Sun gather again in the Sun and the drop mingles with the Ocean, so does the light of man merge in God's light and he is fulfilled.


196. It's the most simple law, call no one bad.

Asa, 473

197. It is the purification that matters, for impurity is found in everything. Think of the worms, they have life in dung and rotten wood.

Asa, 472

198. Impurity of the mind is avarice. Impurity of the tongue is falsehood. Impurity of the eyes is to be greedy for another man's woman, wealth and beauty. Impurity of ears is to listen to the ill of others. Nanak says that these impurities lead the souls of men bound to the city of the regent of death.

Asa, 472

199. There is no high or low degree or caste before the Almighty.

Jap, 7

200. They who forget God are low caste creatures, for without His Name mortals are outcast and a wretched lot.

Asa, 10

201. The fire of desires which engulfs the whole world is the real impurity. It is spread allover the earth, the oceans and at other places.

Asa, 413

202. Creation is like the myriad waves rising from the sea and then merging again into the source.

Nat, 4

203. All are not good, all are not bad.

Suhi' 728

204. Good conduct, in accordance with the Guru's teaching, is in itself the praise of God.

Prabhati, 1343

205. If you are fond of playing the game of love, surrender completely and follow the path, hand in hand, without fear or hesitation.

Sloka, 1422

206. The innumerous pleasures of body give equal number of misery to men.

Malar, 1287

207. In childhood we were ignorant and blind. In youth we were lured away by sin. In the third stage we gathered riches and when old, regretfully left all behind.


208. God's light is contained in all orders of beings and all orders are contained in God's light.

Asa, 419

209. Out of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Indra, out of all the seers, sages, saints, ascetics and mendicants, whoever obeys His command, is honoured by Him. But they who disobey Him, are surely destroyed by Him.

Maru, 992

210. They who do not love, they do not taste the love of the Beloved. They are like guests who visit an empty house and return in utter disappointment.

Suhi, 790

211. There is light among all which is the light of the Lord's own self. It pervades and enlightens everyone.

Dhansari, 663

212. Neither childhood nor youth nor age is safe from the clutches of death. Man is but a mouse, and the cat of death devours it to bring the end.


213. Those stone-gods who are washed by water and sink into water cannot take one across the sea of turbulent existence.

Sorath, 636

214. Where there is good conduct, the understanding is perfect and life is pleasant. Without good conduct it is loss and loss only.

Sri, 25

215. Everyone craves for happiness, no one bears the misery.

Sri, 57

216. The mortal indulges in vice and sin by drinking insipid worldly wine.

Bihag, 553

217. Tender and sweet speech increases, fosters and tightens the bond of love.

Majh, 13

218. O friend! Wealth does not keep company after death.


219. One loads the boat of life with sin and launches it upon the sea, and 10, one sees not the yonder shore, nor the port to sail. The sea is dreadful and there is no boatman, nor the rows to row the boat across.


220. There is no limit to God's works and no end to His gifts.

Jap, 5

221. Although one may run about a great deal but without good deeds nothing can be obtained.

Tilang, 722

222. One may read throughout one's life, read even with every breath, yet of all things, it is only the contemplative life that really matters. All else is the fret and prattle of ego.

Asa, 467

223. The Divine Light that dwells in the human mind, the human mind is its emanation.

RamkaIi. 878

224. There is all and only outward love in this world. Every person thinks of his own gain though he may be a close kith or kin.


225. All joys and sorrows come from God.


226. He whose heart is in love attains salvation.


227. Pain and pleasure are part of God's will.

Gauri, 223

228. As all other deeds are fruitless, so dwell on only God's Name.

Suhi, 728

229. The sorrows of men are many like the numerous pleasures of the body.

Malar, 1287

230. He who takes the divine rector of Truth, does not relish insipid and unhealthy worldly wine.

Asa, 360

231. Man without love is an empty, dry shell which crumbles and is reduced to dust.

Sri, 62

232. He is true and His works are true.

Jap, 7

233. As one acts, so one is rewarded.

Dhansari, 662

234. A Vaishnava is he who knows no other but the Lord, and by the Guru's Grace, realises himself.


235. Man comes and goes by God's Will. His will dominates everywhere and everything, heretofore and hereafter.

Gauri, 151

236. Make your faith the soil, and truth the seed, then cultivate yourself.

Asa, 418

237. This body is the soil, our actions are the seed, we can irrigate it with the name of the Lord who holds the whole earth.

Sri, 23

238. One is approved and accepted only if one fully submits oneself to the will of the Lord. In His court only truth is accepted.

Maru, 5090

239. All abide in Thy Hope; on all hearts rains Thy Mercy. All are shareholders in Thy Grace; 0 dear Lord, Thou art alien to none.


240. An egotist is not true to his being (salt) and does not feel indebted to anyone for the good done to him.

Majh, 143

241. God does whatever He wills to do.

Asa, 475

242. Without the Guru all is darkness, and without the word we do not realise it.

Sri, 55

243. God's word i the Guru and the mind attuned to it is the disciple.

Ramkali, 943

244. A Muslim dwells on the Prophet's way but without wisdom. How can he how the end? Let thy bowing be of faith and knowledge of mind thy subject of study.

Sloka, 1

245. Knowledge u a cause of worry. The more we read and write, the mare we worry.

Asa, 467

246. Knowledge cannot be sought through mere talk.

Malar, 1287

247. Thou art here Thou art hereafter, all creatures are Thy own creation.


248. There is no other that does except Him. Whatever He willed has come to pass.

Gauri; 154

249. He alone knows the way who meets and obeys the Guru. Blessed with his word by the Guru he realises the will of the Lord.

Ramkali, 984

250. Let the mind be the ploughman, good deeds the ploughing, honest strivings the water and your body the field. Let God's name be the seed, contentment the leveller and humility the fence. By doing deeds of love, the seed will sprout. Blessed will be then your home.

Sorath, 595

251. Only that pandit is learned and well read who reflects on knowledge with cool calmness.

Ramkali, 937

252. Through wisdom we understand what we read and realise the true meaning.

Sarang, 1245

253. He understands the essence of the vadas, Puranas and the Smritis and finds the apparent in the subtle. He instructs all the four castes in the Lord's wisdom. Nanak says that he salutes such a pandit forever.


254. That alone happens which pleases God. Man is completely helpless. There is nothing in his hands and control.

Asa, 417

255. He who moves at the will of God never faces hindrances.

Asa, 421

256. He who forsakes the Lord's name and treads another path, falls into hell. He is punished in a myriad ways, crude and subtle, and he wanders from womb to womb.

Sarang. 5

257. The name of God abides within the body. He himself is the creator and immortal and resides in us.

Maru. 1026

258. That man does not go to hell who dwells on God's Name.

Asa, 456

259. Ill-gotten food does not become lawful by seasoning it with sauce and spices.

Majh, 141

260. Association with evil-doers is like poison which kills, they are destroyed and their life goes in vain.

Prabhati, 1343

261. The knower of the Essence, He is beauteous and wise. He looks on all alike and sees the One in all.

Gauri, 5

262. Liberation from bondage is effected by the will of God. Nothing else has a say in it.  

Jap, 5

263. None can go to heaven by talk alone. Salvation comes by being true and by living the Truth.

Majh, 141

264. Burn the body which has forsaken the name of God.

Suhi, 789

265. He alone is learned who does good to others.

Asa, 356

266. If the mind is impure, the body and the tongue also become impure.

Sri, 45

267. Since we are not to live forever in the world, so never be angry with anyone. Simply drink the nectar of His name.

Ramkali, 931

268. Heaven is not attained or obtained without good deeds.

Ramkali, 931

269. She is the happiest wife who is dear to her husband.

Tilang, 722

270. The body is bound down by the three dispositions. Whoever is born, he lives within these limits.

Sri, 21

271. The body is not cleaned without the loving adoration of God.

Sri, 59

272. He is beyond the reach of the regent of death who enjoys the protection of the Lord.

MaIar; 1284

273. The greatest wonder about God is that there is none other like Him, there never was, nor ever will be.

Asa, 349

274. She is the happiest wife who has God as her spouse.

Sri, 56

275. With the appearance of the sun, the moon disappears; with the attainment of knowledge, ignorance also disappears.

Suhi, 791

276. Let the continence be the forge, patience the goldsmith, understanding the anvil and knowledge the hammer. Let God's fear be the bellows, austerity the fire and God's love the crucible to melt the metal of life's nectar therein.

In this way the gold of life can be shaped, the divine word can be fashioned in that mint of truth for the everlasting bliss. But remember, only those who are blessed with God's grace can work at their lives in this way and only they can get the eternal bliss.

Jap, 8

277. The pitcher holds water yet it needs water to get its shape. So is the mind which holds the knowledge but without knowledge the mind cannot grow and get its shape, and knowledge too needs a mind without which it cannot get its existence and grow. The mind illumined by the Guru holds knowledge in greater quantity and of better quality.

Asa, 469

278. Religion does not consist in sitting at the tomb or in a burning ghat and diving deep in meditative pseudo-trance. It is neither in roaming here and there in the world nor taking holy bath at the places of worship. The way to true religion is found by remaining detached in the midst of worldly attachments.

Suhi, 730

279. What else can I say now but this, that where the saints are, that indeed, is heaven.


280. God is the only protection, nothing else.

Asa, 439

281. There is one way, one love, one beauty that shines through air, water and fire, one bumble bee that roams the whole universe. He who understands this unity will be honoured. But few God-oriented realise it. They use their knowledge and meditation for such equipoise. He who gets it through his grace is happy. The way is shown to him through the Guru.

Ramkali Dakhni, 7

282. Those who have ruined their crop In the field, their  misdeeds cannot expect to gather grain and fill up their granary.

Sarang 1245

283. Lust summons and examines men and pronounces judgement on greed and sin.

Tilang 627

284. Whoever honestly cries and truly begs at the door of the Lord is duly heard, rewarded and blessed.

Asa, 349

285. Priceless is He, our Lord, the God. Forsaking Him one is cast into hell where there is neither mother nor father, neither husband nor wife, neither friend nor kinsman to save him.

Maru, 5

286. As by lighting the lamp, darkness is dispelled, so by reading religious books, the mind is cleaned of sins.

Suhi, 791

287. As one sows, so does one eat, as one acts, so is one rewarded.

Dbansari; 662

288. Whatever one sows, one reaps, whatever one earns, one eats.

Suhi, 730

289. He who indulges in greed, avarice and falsehood, reaps only what he sows.

Sloka, 1411

290. Those who serve One have perfect wisdom. His servants take shelter with the Pure One, who is from the beginning before the aeons began. 0 brother, there is none else, my Lord is one. Faith in Him, the True One, has brought joy to me through His grace.

Asa, 3

291. God can never be attained by any clever devices; we can attain him only by effacing ourselves.

Tilang; 722

292. Mere talk will not make us religious. He is truly religious who looks on all as alike and considers all as equal.

Suhi, 730

293. Bear, O my soul! The result of thine own acts.

Sloka, 9

294. God is one and has ever been the same, so he who grasps the truth easily realises that there is but only one religion for all mankind.

Basant, 1188

295. Everyone must bear the result of his own acts and adjust his own account.

Gauri, 19

296. Good works I have accepted as my spouse.              


297. I am that. That is I.


298. It is prayer, not the command, that pleases the Master.

Asa, 474

299. Wealth is accumulated with labour and pain and when it goes, it leaves us in deep pain. Only he is satiated who drinks sublime nectar of the Name of the Lord.

Malar, 1287

300. One Maya in union with God gave birth to three acceptable children. One of them the Creator, the second the Provider and the third the Destroyer.

Japji, 30

301. As saffron, flowers, musk and gold embellish the body and also does the scented sandal of the saints. They make all fragrant who come in contact with them. So, 0 Lord, I beg at Your door, bless me with Thy Grace.


302. On the earth and in heaven, and in men and women of all the worlds, I see none other. In the shining lamps of the sun and the moon, I uninterrupted see my beloved, ever young.

Gauri, 9

303. Duality in the minds of creatures is an illusion, by which they are led to destruction through lust, anger and pride.

Gauri, 9

304. The whole visible creation is the body. Whatever we hear are Thy voice. Thou Thyself pervade all and art the enjoyer.

Asa, 3

305. No one is emancipated without the Lord's name, and dying one falls into hell.

Asa, 1

306. The Brahmins, the Kshatriyas, the Vaishyas and the Shudras are all emancipated if and when they contemplate on the Lord.

Gauri, 5

307. Caste or no caste one is saved singing, hearing and contemplating Him. O Mind, always praise the Lord. I know this way for I'm merged into my Creator Lord.

Devgandhari, 5

308. The buffalo is intoxicated with ego and is never disciplined. He tries to overwhelm others and is thrown into hell.

Sloka, 5

309. Through Him, the One, has sprung the whole creation. Men walk on two paths of good and evil but know that the Lord is One. Know His will through the Gurus word.

Gauri, 9

310. He who slanders the All-perfect and True Guru is destroyed by the Creator Lord. Opportunities do not come to him again. He eats what he sows. He is thrown into the depths of hell. His face is blackened and he is driven like a thief.

Sloka, 4

311. My Lord is ace, a brother He is one. He Himself destroys and preserves. He Himself gives life and takes it back. He Himself looks after us and makes us bloom. He Himself showers His grace. What He wills He does, nothing can be done against His will.

Asa, 3

312. Wisdom that is imparted to all the four castes alike is thereal wisdom. He who dwells on the N arne of the All- pervading Lord is emancipated in the kaliyuga.


313. Thou art the River of Wisdom and I a mere fish. How can I know Your infinite expansion? I see neither the net nor the fisherman but when in pain I call Thee.


314. Some offer Thee oblations, others bow down before Thee. But he who realises Thy will knows the mystery of the All- powerful God.


315. The kings are butchers and cruelty is their knife. The sense of responsibility and duty has taken wings and flown.

Majh, 16

316. Those who are sometimes good and sometimes bad are attacked by afflictions of the mind, body and soul. Their pain never leaves them. They never realise the glory of their All-perfect Transcendent Lord. So, they are drowned in the sea of doubt and attachment. They abide deep in hell.

Gauri, 5

317. The women who wore beautiful tresses have their locks shorn with scissors and dust is thrown upon their heads who have been dishonoured and are carried away by soldiers with ropes around their neck.

Asa, 1

318. Babur rushed down from Kabul with a big bridal procession of sin and forcibly demanded the hand of the bride India. People sing of the pangs of murder and smear themselves with saffron of blood.

Tilang, 1

319. The dogs have thrown away the invaluable gem; when they are dead and gone, no one will remember them with regard.

Asa, 39

320. He is deathless, unborn, casteless and without entanglements. He is unfathomable and beyond the reach of senses, without form or line. Searching and searching I found Him in every soul.

Bilawal, 1

3121. The Lord is near, do not think He is distant. The One pervades the whole creation. Nanak is merged in Him for he knows one God and shuns duality.


322. Be not proud of your caste for he alone is a Brahmin who knows Brahma, like only God.


323. The Lord loves His devotees. When He bestows His Grace, He comes to reside in our hearts.


324. Controlling the mind I became aware of the impurity-free state and got absorbed in the love of God more and more. Outside the One I recognize none.

Sarang. 7

325. In the eternal hour of fragrant dawn, think upon and glorify His name and greatness.

Jap, 4

326. Guided by the light of the Guru, the disciple steers himself safe and saves many other lives.

Jap, 15

327. He who sings the praise of the Lord for an instant, mounts to all the heaven and is released, freed and delivered.

Ashtpadi, 5

328. The Lord is near, far and in the middle, seeing, hearing and creating all by Himself.


329. He Himself corrects others.


330. The sun moves during the day, the moon during the night, and millions of stars run in their courses. Nanak proclaims the truth that the one God alone remains unmoved.

Sri, 8

331. He was my support in the beginning and He is my support at the end.


332. I feel lost in Him. All doubts and delusions have departed and the light shines within.

Ramkali, 931

333. There is no other door to which I may go, so, this is the humble prayer of Thy servant Nanak: Accept my mind and body, O Lord, as fully devoted to Thee.

Sri, 25

334. He is brave who possesses the strength but displays it not and lives in humble ways.


335. Nanak says that his God is above and beyond the vedas and Semantic texts. The process of coming, living and going is He, my Lord.


336. He is the only shelter of the shelterless. He is the treasure of good, the ever fresh being. His gifts are perfect.


337. God can't be pleased with deceit and falsehood.


338. Thy praisers praise Thee, and know not Thy greatness, as rivers and streams flow into the sea, but know not its vastness.

Jap, 23

339. One may have riches, glory and piety in life; parents, children, friends and brothers; the army may salute him but if he does not remember the Lord in his heart, he suffers in the depths of hell and his life is meaningless.

Sri, 5

340. When the body is dirty it is rinsed with soap, when the mind is polluted with sin it is scrubbed with the Name.

Jap, 20

341. He who sees the same light pervade all forever and perceives the essence of the Guru's way, realizes the God in himself.


342. The spouse favours the bride he likes and she is his only bride whom He honours by His grace.


343. Let my tongue become a hundred thousand tongues and multiply twenty times. With each tongue I would repeat Thy holy name many hundred thousand times to allow the soul to ascend the stairs to go up to the bridegroom and be one with Him.

Jap, 32

344. I may have a pen filled with inexhaustible ink and write Thy praise with the speed of the wind, yet, I could not express Thy praise nor the greatness of Thy Name.

Sri, 14

345. He who is lost in the greed for worldly things is neither honoured here nor in another life.


346. When we realise God in our inner selves, He blesses us with His grace and washes off our dirt.


347. My master is all and sportive. He is the fish and the fisherman. He is the net and the river.


348. God's grace is upon all but He gives to him whom He pleases.


349. Thou sayest prayers five times, giving them five different names. Let truth be thy first prayer and honest living the second, and the good of all thy third prayer. Let the honest mind be the fourth prayer and the praise of the Lord, the fifth. That way thou pray the prayers of deeds and thus be thou a true Muslim. All other prayers are false and without value.

Majh, M 1

350. He who dwells in and out on the Lord's name, who receives and follows instructions from the perfect Guru, and who abides with the holy, is naturally saved from hell.

Gauri, 5

351. Wherefrom the Hindus come? Wherefrom the Muslims? Who has created their different paths? O man of evil intent, reflect on it in your mind. Tell me, who is the creator of heaven and hell? O Kazi, which is the book that you have read, for they who read, reflect and react like you, are wasted away. They do not know the essence.

Asa, Kabir

352. First let the faith in Allah seem sweet to him and then let him scrub off his inside clean of ego. Then with faith he can break the illusion of life and death. When he submits to the will of Allah and believes in the Eternal Creator, only then he would lose his self or ego. Nanak says that if he is compassionate and kind to all creatures then he is taken as a true Muslim.

Majh, M 1

353. God alone does give and His giving has no bounds.


354. The Hindu is blind, the Muslim is one-eyed and the all-seeing wise is the one wise in God. Hindus worship at temples, Muslims at mosques but Namdeva worships the God, who has no temple and no mosque to call His own.

Bilawal, Namdeva

355. For many births we passed through the species of creeping insects and feathered worms, large elephants, swimming fish and running antelopes, remained yoked as horses and oxen. Now the Lord of the Universe after aeons of long time has given the human body.

Gauri Guareri M 5

356. Nanak says that he is the bravest among the brave who has overcome his inner ego.


357. When I meet my carefree Master I renounce my formative will and the noise of reason.


358. If one enshrines the Lord in the mind he is emancipated, and looking god wards he merges in de Lord's truth.


359. Everywhere is the God's seat and He ~as everywhere His stall and He puts in it all that He wills.

Jap, 31

360. Thou art the honour and glory and Thou art the giver of them.


361. Nanak says: Chop off the head that bows not to the Lord. The being not charged with love for Him is worthy only of being burnt.


362. The Lord showers gifts on all. Though awake yet some receive not, and He blesses some by awakening them from sleep.


363. He is emancipated and he is the released one who is affected neither by joy nor sorrow and looks upon friend and foe as one.


364. God is the enticing fortress of gold. He is a beauteous temple studded with jewels, rubies, pearls and diamonds.


365. By contemplating with the inner attention on the Supreme Word, the torrent of Divine Love has rushed down to the mind. The aspirant has merged in the Divine Lord and drinks the Nectar, the Celestial Drink, undrinkable to the mortals.

Kabir, 93

366. He who can be as high as He is, to that height He alone knows.

Jap, 24

367. The wise do not crave for emancipation nor entertain thoughts of heaven.


368. O Destroyer of pride, Thy share has faith only in Thee.


369. They have received honour, they are exalted on the throne, in whose mind abides the Fearless One, and who have contemplated on Him; they have encompassed in their meditation, the solar systems, the continents, the countries, the lower regions, and all the three pans of the universe.

Maru Solhas, 1023

370. The frying pan of the mind has cooled down with the elixir of the Name given by the Guru.


371. The same Supreme Brahma I have seen with my eyes about whom it is written in the vedas that it is the gracious habit of the Lord to purify the fallen.

Bilawal, 805

372. After being tired of searching the Lord by roaming about from forest to forest, then at last Nanak met the saints and found Hari in his own mind.

Asa, 5th Guru, Sloka

373. The path is clear of one who believes, lives with honour and with Grace he leaves.


374. Why wander you out and about in the wilderness, when thy God abides within thee.

Gauri, 5

375. God is the philosopher's stone that transmutes our iron into gold. He is the chandan tree that makes our dry wood fragrant.

Dhansari, 4

376. Nanak says that by the Grace of the Guru my doubts and errors are gone. He and I met and have become one.

Asa, M 5

377. The Lord is the cause of causes. There is not another without Him.

Dhansari, 9

378. My God is riches to the poor, staff to the blind and milk to the child.

Dhansari, 5

379. Wherever saints sit, at their feet the place is holy, and wherever the name of the Lord is uttered, that place is a paradise.

Ramkali, 5

380. Without experiencing the Bliss of Divine Love, the tongue chattered much ceaselessly and always nonsense. But after being empowered with the Bliss of Love, it has taken the vow of silence. It has sunk in the intoxication of love after drinking the divine drink called nectar. Now the attention is turned towards Him.

Kabir, 81

381. I do not blame others, I blame my own acts. As I acted so have I been rewarded.

Asa, 433

382. The Yogi, our Lord, the Supreme God, abides in the seedless state, who can neither be identified with man nor woman.


383. Make your Ramzan the fast of noble conduct. Thus you shall be a true Muslim. Make good deeds your Kaaba; truthfulness your preceptor, turn your Nanak and Kalma into pure action, with rosary will you please God.


384. Where egoism exists, Thou are not experienced, where Thou art is not egoism.

You who are learned, expound in your mind, this inexpressible preposition.

Maru ki Var

385. Have firm faith and let your mind not be shaken.


386. Forgive my past sins and show me the path now; killing my ego, I should remain in God's service.

Guru Amar Das

387. Saith Nanak, the saints hunger to praise Thee, the true name is their support. In everlasting joy they abide day and night, may I obtain the dust of the feet of such virtuous men?

SIoka, 6

388. Why do you go' to the forest in search of God? He lives in all and is yet ever distinct. He abides with you, too, as fragrance dwells in a flower, and reflection in a mirror, so does God dwell inside everything. Seek Him, therefore, in your heart.


389. Those who believe in Him

Get to the gate of salvation

Those who believe in Him are

Saved with their kin

Those who believe in Him

Swim across and help others swim

Those who believe in Him

Don't have to beg of others

Such is the name of God, the Pure

Those who believe in Him

They alone get to know Him


390. Compassion and forgiveness should be your attainments.

Guru Gobind Singh

391. Permanence belongs to Him who no one controls. The heavens and earth will pass but the One God will remain unchanged.

Sri Rag, 8.17

392. Kings are like leopards and their revenue collectors dogs, they go and awaken people at all odd times. Their servants wound the people with their claws and lick their blood like curds.

Mahar, 22

393. If a powerful person were to attack another powerful person there shall be no grievance but if a ferocious lion were to fall upon a herd of cattle, the master of the herd has to answer for it.

Asa 1,39-42

394. Myriads are yet asleep;

Deluded by the false mirage of Mammon;

They alone, a Nanak, are awakened;

Who repeat the Name Supreme by tongue.

Malar, 1425

395. Of whatever sort, He bestoweth

His Grace on anyone,

Of that sort indeed, doth one become.

Without the gift of grace,

O Nanak, there is none.               

Dhansari, 661

396. Those forgetting the Lord are the truly low-caste, Nanak saith. The fallen are those who live without God.


397. The One alone existeth, yet, there is no other, That One art Thou, a, that One art Thou.


398. Without vairagya, Maya can't be got rid of.

Sri, 329

399. Whosoever I see, I see Thee pervading there; There is no other such place where Thou art not.

Dhansari; 661

400. Exhausted after all effort, to the Lord's shelter I go,

Now that to His shelter I have come, say I,

"Lord, preserve me or ruin me as may please Thee."

401. The true Guru has made the One, Unfathomable and Unknowable by senses, clear to me.

Sarang, 7.2

402. He is the Mastermind and Birthless. Filled to the brim by His love my mind does not wander. Through itself it has found its stay.

sarang, 7.5

403. Through the Guru I have realised the One, impurity free. Through the Word duality is destroyed. His decree rules all the world.

Gauri, 9.5

404. God is unknowable, unfathomable, all powerful, creator and compassionate. The whole world comes and goes but the merciful stays forever.

Sri Rag, 8.17

405. By this Grace, you enjoy all sorts of pleasures, you are provided with all the necessities of life and yet, you forsake Him and attach yourself to others, such sinful mistakes cling to fools.

406. By Omkar was created Brahma;

Who forever on Omkar meditates;

By Omkar were created the mountains and the aeons;

By Omkar were created the Vedas.

Meditation on Omkar brings emancipation;

By Omkar are the faithful saved;

Contemplate, O man, the exposition of the syllable Om;

In the syllable Om are epitomized the three worlds.



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