Guru nanak dev ji in Mecca


Guru nanak dev ji in Mecca

Guru nanak dev ji in Mecca

Guru Nanak claimed that all are sons of God and God pervades all. The Supreme Power is everywhere.

Almost each of the 974 hymns composed by Guru Nanak and included in Sri Guru Granth Sahib is a 'confession of the holy mystery, the pious wonder and the immanence of Godhead'.

This conviction of Guru Nanak is best illustrated through an incident in Mecca. He donned the blue dress of a Muslim pilgrim and went to Mecca. He had the staff of a faqir in one hand and the holy Qur' an in the other. At the famous shrine, he slept at a vacant place when he was tired.

A mulla (Muslim priest) noticed his feet were towards Mecca. He chided him for sleeping with his feet towards the Kaaba, the most sacred place of Muslim worship.

Guru Nanak was calm and gently requested him to turn his legs in any direction where there was no God.

It is said that his legs were shifted in another direction and when people raised their heads up, they were found towards the Kaaba. His legs were shifted again and again with the same results.

It was a miraculous sight and the onlookers were amazed. The wonderful mystery of the Lord was revealed to all who were standing around the Guru.

Suddenly, the priests realized that the man before them was a holy man. Indeed, Allah is everywhere and his noor rains over everyone and his sons and daughters have the right to sleep the way they find convenient and comfortable.

Nanak's fame spread. He concluded his stay with the following statement:


"Only those persons are true and good who have true love for God enthroned in their hearts. Those whose utterances do not reflect heartfelt feelings are false. Only those who are madly in love with God are real human beings. Those who have forgotten Him are a burden on the earth." 

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