Guru Nanak was returning from his second Udasi. The holy journey was almost over. He stayed on the western banks of the river Ravi for quite a long time. His morning sumiran and evening sohila became very popular. Almost the entire village gathered to listen to the hymns. Soon they started participating. Later, people from adjoining villages also came. He was immensely popular there and the subject of much talk and discussion.

Only one person was unhappy with his popularity - the richest man of the area and landlord of the village called Karoria. The land where Guru Nanak and his disciples were staying belonged to him. Karoria failed to digest the growing popularity of the saint. He decided to meet the Guru and ask him to vacate the land and move away to some other village.

He mounted his horse and rushed to meet Nanak. On the way, the horse stumbled and the rider fell, getting seriously injured. Karoria remained confined to bed for a week. This enraged him further.

When he could move, he mounted his horse again. Unfortunately, he met the same fate. This time he broke his arm.

After a month, he again set out to evict the Guru and his disciples from his land. His family members tried to stop him. They claimed the Guru was a holy man and should not be disturbed. But Karoria was adamant. This time his horse stumbled and fell over some bushes. Unfortunately, Karoria lost his sight.

Now he realised he was at fault and should not have tried to wrong a holy man. He repented his anger, hatred and jealousy. He sincerely told the people that he had no intentions of harming the holy man. He was led to the Guru and fell at Nanak's feet. He narrated all the incidents and sought forgiveness. The humble and kind Nanak forgave the landlord.


Karoria donated all the land to Guru Nanak and requested him to establish a village there. The Guru announced that the land belonged to the Kartar, so its name would be Kartarpur. Later, Nanak settled there. 

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