Lago and Bhago


Lago and Bhago

Lago and Bhago

The divinity of Guru Nanak lay in simple, pious living, in humility, tolerance, equality and brotherhood. That is how he himself lived and asked others to live in this rhythmical way for the peace and ease of the eternal music, Anhad Nad.

He had surrendered his ego to the Lord and was against those who had ego and pride. He did not like exploitation and excess by anyone, even kings or zamindars.

Once during his long, holy journeys, he was passing through Syedpur, Amenabad. Though the village was dominated by Khatris, his caste men, he had no faith in the caste system. He advocated and practised equality - a major source of power and inspiration for Sikhs. At Syedpur, he preferred to stay with a Shudra, Lago, a carpenter by profession. The Khatris did not like this. They protested and a group led by Malik Bhago went to him with a request to shift his dera (temporary abode) and stay at the house of a Khatri.

Nanak refused. There was a hot debate over equality and caste, fate and deeds, and labour and piety. A major part of the village witnessed it. Nanak declared that the Shudra was more pious for he earned his bread through hard physical labour while the Khatris were impure for they earned their bread by exploitation and injustice. So, there is milk in the bread of Lago, a Shudra, while there is blood in the bread of the Khatri, Bhago.

The Khatris raised a hue and cry at such derogatory statements. They felt insulted. Guru Nanak was asked to prove his point. He humbly requested them to bring bread from both houses. The bread from the house of the Shudra Lago was given to Nanak. He looked at the bread, then rolled it in his palm and squeezed hard. The people were amazed to see milk flowing from the bread.

In the meantime, bread from the house of Bhago was brought and handed over to Nanak. He looked at it and repeated the same action. But this time when he squeezed the bread hard, blood oozed out.

Needless to say, the whole village became disciples of Guru Nanak. The Khatris felt proud to be the followers of the great Guru.


The incident had occurred when he was at Amenabad around 1499. Nanak was barely 30 then. 

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