Naturopathy Treatment

Naturopathy treatment for ASTHMA

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Asthma is supposed to be a psychosomatic disorder. Now-a-days the number of Asthma patients are increasing rapidly. It's main symptoms are as......More

Naturopathy treatment for HAY FEVER

  • Naturopathy treatment for HAY... Watery nasal discharge, sneezing itching of eyes and nose, and an increased eosinophil count in the blood are common features of Hay Fever. Like the common cold, it is self-limiting (does not run......More

Naturopathy treatment for LARYNGITIS, TONSILLITIS

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Laryngitis and Tonsillitis are inflammations of the larynx, (wind pipe) and tonsils respectively. In both cases, there is pain, sore throat, low degree fever, malaise that generally persist for: a......More

Naturopathy treatment for SINUSITIS

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Sinuses are paired, hollow spaces connected with the nasal passages arranged in the skull region. They are frontal, maxillary, ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses. Since they are connected to the nasal......More

Naturopathy treatment for BRONCHITIS

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Acute Bronchitis: Inflammation of the bronchioles (small air passages or tubes in the lung) due to untreated upper respiratory infection could result in acute Bronchitis. This causes cough with......More

Naturopathy treatment for COMMON COLD

  • Naturopathy treatment for... According to Yoga and Naturopathy principles common cold is an acute disease. Actually, it is not a disease but an indicator of accumulation of morbid matter in excess quantity in the body.......More

Naturopathy treatment for COUGH

  • Naturopathy treatment for... If coughing is marked with expulsion of cough or sputum then it is called wet cough. Coughing without expulsion of cough is called dry cough. Its main symptoms are as......More

Naturopathy treatment for FEVER

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Like common cold, fever is also an indicator of accumulation of morbid matter in body. Fever means, Nature is trying to burn that morbid with the help of temperature. Its main symptoms are......More

Naturopathy treatment for HEADACHE

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Headache is a disorder which gives horrible trouble to an individual. Continuous pain renders the nature of the patient irritative and stubborn. It may develop some other disease. The disease is......More

Naturopathy treatment for DIARRHOEA

  • Naturopathy treatment for... The tendency of frequent loose motion is termed as Diarrhoea. Sometimes motion is accompanied with pain. Swelling and wounds appear in large intestine due to which blood or mucus comes out with......More

Naturopathy treatment for COLITIS

  • Naturopathy treatment for... When the loose motion is accompanied with mucus then it is called Colitis. The main symptoms are following: ·         Mucus mixed with loose......More

Naturopathy treatment for PAIN IN ABDOMEN

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Pain in abdomen is also a common problem. Children, old-aged and youngsters all suffer from this trouble. Its symptoms are following: ·        ......More

Naturopathy treatment for INDIGESTION

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Usually every person gets indigestion some time or other. It is a chief disorder of digestive system. Its main symptoms are following: ·        ......More

Naturopathy treatment for CONSTIPATION

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Constipation is supposed to be a widely known disease of modern life style. It is regarded as a symptom in certain other diseases. It's main symptoms are......More

Naturopathy treatment for GASTRIC TROUBLE

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Like constipation and indigestion, gastric trouble is also a common problem now-a-days. Men, women, aged people and even children are among the sufferers of gastric trouble. It's main symptoms......More

Naturopathy treatment for PILES

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Usually this disease develops from constipation. Some people suffer with this disorder due to wrong eating habits and lack of physical work. The main symptoms of piles are as......More

Naturopathy treatment for OBESITY

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Obesity is supposed to be a gift of modern life style. Obesity itself is a disease as well as breeding ground of numerous diseases. Its main symptoms are......More

Naturopathy treatment for INSOMNIA

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Insomnia is supposed to be the main disease of modern days. It's main symptoms are following: ·         Heaviness in......More

Naturopathy treatment for WEAK EYESIGHT

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Weak eyesight is a common problem of the day. Even tender aged school going children may also be seen using spectacles due to weak eyes. It's main symptoms are......More

Naturopathy treatment for ECZEMA AND SKIN DISEASE

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Eczema and other skin diseases are believed as blood disorder. Its main symptoms are following: ·         Eruptions on......More

Naturopathy treatment for MENSTRUAL DISORDERS

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Menstruation begins between the age of 11-13 years and stops at around 45 years of age. Menstrual disorders that commonly occur are dysfunctional uterine, bleeding, pre-menstrual syndrome, post-......More

Naturopathy treatment for DYSMENORRHEA

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Pain that occurs during menstruation is common in about 60% of menstruating women. Sometimes, it is severe enough to interfere with daily activity. Primary Dysmenorrhea occurs in the absence......More

Naturopathy treatment for LEUCORRHOEA

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Leucorrhoea is not a disease but the manifestation of ovulation or a local or systemic disease leading to a discharge of whitish substance, which can occur at any age and affects almost all women......More

Naturopathy treatment for DIABETES MELLITUS

  • Naturopathy treatment for... High standard of living has enabled almost everyone to select and eat from a vast array of food items. In the industrially developed countries, the sheer abundance of food has proved a mixed......More

Naturopathy treatment for URINARY TRACT INFECTION (UTI)

  • Naturopathy treatment for... UTI may be classified as upper (when the kidneys are involved) or lower (when the bladder or urethra are involved). They require immediate medical intervention. Urinary tract infections tend......More

Naturopathy treatment for ARTHRITIS

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Arthritis is truly a universal illness like hypertension, diabetes, obesity and digestive disorder -- a disease of the unhealthy lifestyle of the modern world. Prevention of Arthritis is actually......More

Naturopathy treatment for CERVICAL SPONDYLOSIS

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Cervical Spondylosis is a disorder of cervical vertebrae. Its main symptoms are as follows: ·         Stress over neck, head, shoulders and upper......More

Naturopathy treatment for LUMBAR SPONDYLOSIS

  • Naturopathy treatment for... This is a disease of lumbar vertebrae. Now-a-days its patients are also available in abundance. Specially house wives suffer more from this. Its main symptoms are as......More

Naturopathy treatment for PRE MATURE EJACULATION

  • Naturopathy treatment for PRE... Pre mature ejaculation is a common problem of young age. It's main cause is lack of knowledge of co-existence of life. Youth in search of its treatment spends a lot of money but gets......More

Naturopathy treatment for URINARY DISORDERS

  • Naturopathy treatment for... The urinary tract is a very important part of the body consisting of kidney, ureter, bladder and urethra. Nature has provided each individual with two kidneys, each one of which has one million......More

Naturopathy treatment for LIVER DISORDERS

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Liver is one of the most critical organs in the body. It is located on the right side of the abdomen under the diaphragm and works like a chemical laboratory. Its main function is secretion of......More

Naturopathy treatment for PROSTATE DISORDERS

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Prostate is a male gland situated at the base of urinary bladder to facilitate passage of urine. It also plays an important role in sexual life. Mostly men above the age of 50 are prone to......More

Naturopathy treatment for PYORRHOEA

  • Naturopathy treatment for... This is a disease of the teeth socket. It effects the membrane around the teeth root, weakens the teeth, forms pus and attacks the gum, leading to loss of teeth. About half of our adult population......More

Naturopathy treatment for ABSCESSES

  • Naturopathy treatment for... These are closed cavities containing pus. Abscesses cause pain, occasionally fever accompanied by chills and malaise. TREATMENT ·        ......More

Naturopathy treatment for BUNIONS

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Bunions form as a result of wearing badly fitting shoes. If the footwear is too short or too narrow the big toe joint is forced inwards resulting inflammation and enlargement of the joint due to......More


  • Naturopathy treatment for... No matter how healthy one is, it is absolutely impossible to avoid an occasional sprain or a bruise. TREATMENT ·         Complete rest for......More

Naturopathy treatment for HEAT EXHAUSTION

  • Naturopathy treatment for... It usually occurs when body is exposed to extreme heat, especially when excess clothing is worn and while working in closed, badly ventilated rooms. Symptoms are; fainting, cold and damp skin and......More

Naturopathy treatment for HICCOUGH

  • Naturopathy treatment for... It occurs due to the spasm of the diaphragm caused by nervous irritation. TREATMENT ·         Drink a glass of warm......More

Naturopathy treatment for NOSE BLEEDING

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Bleeding from the nose may be due to external trauma, nose picking, nasal infection or drying of nasal mucosa. Sometimes, the blood drains into the pharynx and is swallowed. Nose bleeding may......More

Naturopathy treatment for TOOTHACHE

  • Naturopathy treatment for... Toothache is surely one of the most excruciating of pains ever suffered by man. Pain is often accompanied with swelling. TREATMENT ·        ......More

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